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Monday, September 15, 2008

Hi again!

I know I know. I fell off the map here for a week or two. It happens. In this post I'm just going to recap the last few dishes.

Not in any order...

I recently found Spanish Recipes after searching around for some reference for preparing snails other than drowning them in garlic and butter. I don't think I followed a recipe, but I allowed my subconscious to pick up on some ingredients. I do this because I find it more enjoyable to create by instinct rather than follow a recipe. Unless I'm baking something I try and rely on my taste memory and break down ingredients in my head based on what I think I've tasted before and what I think would taste good together. Along with the snails I have gazpacho above and some rice.

To tell you the truth I really am not sure of what I did here as it was spontaneous, it was last week and I am too disorganized to have written anything down. I believe it involved garlic, olive oil, saffron, fennel seed, chili pepper and fresh tomatoes.

The gazpacho just contained roasted garlic, cucumber, red pepper, red onion, tomatoes, olive oil and some hard bread.

Here we have pan-seared red fish with brown rice and a little onion, tomato and basil in a vinaigrette. Chopped red Chinese peppers sprinkled onto the rice - delicious.

Mmm red fish!

This was interesting. I call it laksagna (laks is Danish for salmon). It was really quite spectacular, light and fresh tasting. I par-boiled the lasagna plates and made a simple mornay sauce. Fresh tomatoes and red onion. It got layered in a casserole and baked in the oven until the fish cooked through.

How about an apple break from mor mor's apple tree!

Next we have some flour tortillas above.

And here we have some goodies including my guacamole made in the mortar and pestle and 2 kinds of salsa, one mild and one spicy.

And finally pizza mortadella with fresh basil, mortadella ham (of course), mozzarela, garlic and onions and my fresh and beautiful pizza crust!

I apologize for not including detailed recipes on my posts, but that's really not what this is about. It's about sharing inspiration and my passion for home cooking and if your lucky (or unlucky depending on how you see it) you get a story or two. I mention ingredients that I use on some of the dishes so that, combined with the pictures will hopefully give you ideas.



Jessie said...

Oh yum! Your pizza looks fantastic. I'm just starting to go into baking mode for the fall, and you've inspired me! :D

Núria said...

Hey! YOu do have a blog!!! Don't know why the link in my blog's comments didn't work!

Thanks so much for the mention :D. Snails are one of my passions! You have a lovely spread there, I wouldn't mind at all to be your guest ;D
Buen provecho!

jdbauer said...

Thanks Jessie! I'm hit/miss with baking. I'm awful at directions and tend to veer from precision, which I find most baking requires, but once I've got something then I've got it. If that makes sense. And I can't wait to try your ribs. I hate to admit it, but what I found most enticing on your page (not that anything looks less than spectacular) was the Johnny Walker Black in honor of the man. I wonder if that's worth seeking help for:)

Thanks Núria! Anytime. I'm nervous that you're going to watch my Spanglish tortilla video and cringe when you see how reckless I am leaving the peel on the potatoes. Lo siento:) And you're welcome anytime. I'm going to do a video with my friend from northern Spain who will give a paella lesson. Ought to be fun.


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